Citizens' Civil Academy (CCA)

The goal of the Citizens' Civil Academy (CCA) is to educate Dallas County citizens about the civil court system. In this way, citizens will have a better understanding of not only the civil court system but also the inner workings of the George L. Allen, Senior Courts Building.  With knowledge comes understanding. The ultimate goal is to empower citizens with knowledge about the civil court process so they will be encouraged and excited about participating in the jury process. And as our citizens become better educated about the civil court system, they will be more inclined to participate in the civil jury process.

This is a FREE, NON-PARTISAN program.

Participants will also…

  • Learn what happens to case from the time it is filed until the time it is disposed
  • Analyze types of cases heard by civil district judges
  • Explore departments of George L. Allen, Senior Courthouse
  • Be privy to Jury Duty secrets
  • Earn prizes while playing  Court Bingo
  • Receive a certificate after completing the program
  • ​Get access to legal resources
  • And much more…

All in Just 3 weeks!

Presented and Created by District Judge Staci Williams 


​​Our Mission